Day 39 – Menu

Click on image for a full size verson
Click on image for a full size verson

Today’s menu included a lot of very fresh flavours. All of the dishes today included texture and taste to delight the sensors. Those of keen eye might notice on the Chicken salad we have banana blossom. I REALLY didn’t like it so I have excluded it from the recipe (it tasted like very very (yes, two ‘verys’) green banana). The fish was light, healthy and tasty, the soup (even with the banana blossom) was delicious and the black sticky rice was a pleasant end to a day of eating. 2 hours in the gym where the spinning instructor did most of the session in English and I guess I may have burned off 50% of the day’s calories.

Chicken soup with banana blossom (Tom Kaa Gai Si Wha Pre)
Chicken salad with tom yum dressing
Thai Summer fish
Black sticky rice pudding

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