Day 39 – Chicken salad with tom yum dressing

Chicken salad with tom yum dressing

Click on image for full size image
Click on image for full size image
Paste (3 portions)
50g Dried chillies, re-hydrated, finely chopped
2 Lemongrass stalks, white only, finely chopped
5g Galangal ginger, finely chopped
1/2 Tab Salt
20g Red onion, finely chopped
1 Tsp White pepper corns
15g Garlic
3g Kaffir lime skin, finely chopped
2 Coriander roots
1/2 Tab Shrimp paste
25g Dried fish, pounded into a dust. Shrimp can be used
Preparation (1 portion)
1 Chicken breast, boiled in chicken stock
1 Tab Dried fish (above)
1 Tab Paste (above)
45g Bamboo shoot, finely chopped
2 Long green beans (or other green beans), chopped into 1cm lengths
1 Young chilli (or cucumber), cut into 1cm lengths
2 Tab Vegetable oil
1/2 Cup Coconut cream
2 Tab Chicken stock
1 Tab Fish sauce
2 Tab Tamarind Juice
1 Tab Palm sugar
1 Lime, juice
  1. In a wok on a high heat add the chilli paste and cook until the oil turns to a very red colour. Keep the paste moving the entire time to ensure it doesn’t burn
  2. Turn the wok to a medium heat and add coconut cream and chicken stock. Keep the mix moving the entire time. Cook until the cream turns a deep red colour. If the mix dries out add more stock
  3. Add fish sauce, tamarind juice and palm sugar. Taste and adjust
  4. Add dried fish and lime juice. Put in a bowl for serving
  5. Blanch all the vegetables in boiling water and place them in ice water and assemble on a plate for presentation. Dry roasted coconut meat and deep fried red onions can be added for extra flavour and texture on the salad
  6. Serve and allow people to pour the dressing over the salad and combine it in the way they like….YUM (tom yum)!!!

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