Double choc sweet sticky rice

I have been talking about this for the whole time I was in Thailand and I have finally managed to make it ‘work’… Here is the deal:

I wanted a double choc shell with the out shell being a dark chocolate, then a mango purée surprise, another chocolate shell and then sweet coconut sticky rice. The problem was making the chocolate shells. I have managed to make it work using a silicone cup cake mould. I haven’t nailed it yet but check out the video of the first attempt. I used very sweet coconut milk as the surprise and coconut praline to top the chocolate. I need to sort out how to make the moulds reliably and how to seal the lot once it is full.

Here is the video of opening up the chocolate

Day 48 – Out and about – ‘JJ’ Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market (JJ Market)

I incorrectly described this market to someone recently as Bangkok’s ‘Vic Market’.  I couldn’t have been anymore wrong.  This market is a thriving amalgamation of cool, food, tourists and locals all looking for something special that, if you have a lot of time to look, you will probably find.

The market is tucked away at the end of the tube line but is easy to get to and has plenty of options as far as stations are concerned.  I exited at Kamphaeng Phet station because I knew over the road there was a local food only market that I wanted to investigate (Or Tor Kor market which is an extremely clean market across the road but that’s for another post).  The market appears to, at first glance (and due to most of the stalls out side) to be full of rubbish but spend a little more time and you find quite the opposite.  The market is broken up into 6 sections; Antiques, Handicrafts & Souvenirs ; Clothing & Accessories; Eating & Drinking; Housewares & Decor; Pets; and Plants & Gardening.  in each of these sections there’s something cool to check out.  It’s crammed into little corridors so nearly impossible to photograph but if you’re only in Bangkok for a short time I would recommend checking this out (and don’t miss the market across the road).

Click on image to see the other images of this guy’s tricks

Then there is the cool clothing…..

Wink, Wink, nudge, nudge, say no more....
Wink, Wink, nudge, nudge, say no more….
Too cool for school. Designer flogging his wears.
In contrast you have someone who has spent a fortune on their stall in what is still just a flee market but you go along the shops and then you come across this oasis for sight and smell


I would love to spend a couple of weekends here going from stall to stall to stall and picking up little designer wears that are small runs made by people who care (not knockoff crap that they want to get rid of ASAP before the shape changes in the humidity).

Day 47 – Duck hair flower salad

Duck hair flower salad

Click on image for a full size version
Click on image for a full size version
1/2 Cup Chicken stock
3 Prawns, shelled, depooed and boiled to pink
50g Minced pork
100g Duck Hair Flower (Stamen [bit in the middle with the pollen] removed)
2 limes, juice
2 Red bird’s eye chillies, finely chopped
1/4 Red onion, finely chopped
1 Spring onion, finely chopped
1 1/2 Tab Fish sauce
1 1/2 Tab Sugar syrup
1 Garlic clove, finely chopped
  1. Pound the bird chillies to a rough paste. Put to one side
  2. Boil pork in a pot with chicken stock until pork is cooked. Put to one side
  3. Prepare a bowl of ice water.
  4. Boil a pot of water and place duck hair flowers in the pot for 30 seconds.  Remove and put in ice water.  Allow to remain in ice water
  5. Put chillies, garlic, red onion, lime juice, and spring onion in a bowl and combine. Put to one side
  6. Put the duck hair flowers on a plate then the pork on top.  Pour over the chilli sauce, fish sauce and sugar syrup.  Place prawns on top and serve


Then add:

Squeeze lime juice

Add chopped spring onion

Mix with the boiled pork over the flowers.

Por dressingsand garnish with coriander and shallots sprinkle 1 t dry shrimp

Day 47 – Sweet dark noodles

Sweet dark noodles

Click on image for a full size version
Click on image for a full size version
15g Ginger
2 Spring onion
1 Garlic, clove, crushed
15g Pork fat (can substitute with fatty bacon)
2g Black peppercorn, roughly crushed
1 Tsp Chinese spice (pick khom)
4 Prawn, shelled and depooed
1 Coriander root
70g Glass noodle soaked in water and drained
1 Tab Soy Sauce
1 Tab Oyster Sauce
1/2 Tab Sesame oil
1/2 Tsp White sugar
1/2 Tsp Sweet dark soy sauce
1/2 Cup Chicken stock
  1. In a bowl combine the Stock, dark soy, soy, sugar, oyster and sesame oil. Mix to attempt to dissolve the sugar
  2. In a pot place the pork fat on the bottom and then place the (in order) ginger, coriander root, spring onion, garlic, pepper, Chinese spice, noodles and prawns
  3. Pour sauce from the bowl across the contents of the pot and put pot on low heat. Wait for the sauce to start to boil, wait 2 minutes, drain and pour over the ingredients once again. Repeat the boil/2 minute wait/drain/pour step until there is very little liquid remaining. Serve

Day 47 – Steamed Chinese squash soup with chicken

 Steamed Chinese squash soup with chicken

Click on image for a full size version
Click on image for a full size version
4 Cups Chicken stock
175g Chinese squash
43g Shitakee Mushroom
1 Garlic clove
1 Chicken thigh, free range, cut in half
1 Pickled lime
1 Tsp Salt
1 Tab Soy sauce
  1. In a pot with boiling water add chicken and boil until there is no ‘red’ showing (not completely cooked, just the outside).  Empty pot and put to one side
  2. In a bowl add  mushrooms, garlic and squash and pickled lime, chicken and chicken stock
  3. Put bowl in a steamer and steam for 2 hrs on medium heat
  4. Remove lime before serving

Day 48 – Out and about – The chai man

I broke my own rule with this one. This guy was amazing so I am including a few photos of the tricks he was doing to mix the tea with the sweetened condensed milk and sugar. I am linking this on into the JJ Market post because this is where it belongs.

Just straight. one cup to the next with ever increasing distance to impress
Twirling in a anticlockwise direction and not spilling a drop
Twirling in a clockwise direction and not spilling a drop
fairly much throwing the tea at the other cup and …. not spilling a drop
OK two cups while twirling….. That’s just showing off!!

Day 46 – Menu

Click on image for a full size version. Victory Monument, Bangkok
Click on image for a full size version. Victory Monument, Bangkok

As the Thai cooking extravaganza draws to a close, I have 5 more recipes to prepare.  No longer to I have to ‘fix’ my curries, the chef just looks at me, I quiver and he says ‘OK’ and moves on.  I think I’ve done OK, I only hope that I can replicate what has become second nature back in Australia… Anyway enough sobbing in my beer, I still have to not chop off my fingers tomorrow.  As far as today’s recipes go I really like the soup, it needs the plums but don’t do what I did and eat them (they won’t kill you but I really didn’t like them).  The chicken is a great crowd pleaser without too much work and the pork curry was great.  By virtue that I have included today’s dessert must give you some indication of my feeling towards it, I will certainly be including it in my repertoire.  Enjoy today’s recipes, from tomorrow it’ll be lots of photos of people doing their stuff and probably a heap of occupational health and safety stuff.

Chicken in a padanus blanket
Sweet and sour fish soup with Chinese plum
Southern (not U.S.) style pork rib stir fry
‘Frost on the field’ (Thai dessert)

Day 46 – ‘Frost on the field’ (Thai dessert)

‘Frost on the field’ (Thai dessert)

Click on image for a full size version
Click on image for a full size version
500g Coconut cream
750g Coconut juice (water is not available)
250g White sugar
13g Agar agar or gelatine
50g Green water (can be made with padanus leaves as in previous recipes)
100g Coconut meat
1 Tsp Salt
  1. Mix together coconut juice, white sugar, agar agar and salt in a pot
  2. on a high heat bring the pot to the boil and add the green water, coconut meat and slowly add the coconut cream
  3. Put in the fridge for 1 hour to set. Serve upside down with the white at the top and the green jelly at the bottom

Day 46 – Southern (not U.S.) style pork rib stir fry

Southern style pork rib stir fry

Click on image to see full size version
Click on image to see full size version
20g Lemon grass
4g Kaffir lime skin
20g Bird’s eye chillies
7g Tamarind
7g Galangal ginger
10g Garlic
10g Red onion
5g White pepper corns
1 Cup Pork ribs, deboned
5g Galangal ginger
1 Tsp Young pepper corns
3 Kaffir lime leaves, finely sliced
1/3 Cup Paste (above)
1 Tab Vegetable oil
1 Cup Chicken Stock
1/2 Tab Fish sauce
1 Tsp White sugar
  1. On a low heat heat the oil in a wok and add paste. Keep moving to prevent sticking. Cook until fragrant
  2. Add the pork to the wok and heat until cooked. If mix starts to stick add a little stock
  3. Add fish sauce, stock and sugar. Boil until the mix dries out
  4. Add pepper corns and kaffir lime leaves and serve

Day 46 – Sweet and sour fish soup with Chinese plum

Sweet and sour fish soup with Chinese plum

Click on image for a full size version
Click on image for a full size version
1 Tilapia fillet
3 Pickled Chinese plums
20g Red onion, finely chopped
10g Garlic, finely chopped
10g Ginger, peeled and finely chopped
40g Mushrooms, quartered
8g Red spur chilli, coursley chopped
8g Spring onion, cut into 3cm lengths
1/2 Tab Soy bean paste
4 Cups Chicken stock
1/2 Tsp Salt
1 Tsp White sugar
1 Tab Tamarind juice
  1. In a pot on a high heat add stock, plum, garlic, onion, mushrooms, ginger and salt.  Heat until boiling
  2. Turn heat down to medium and add fish and soy bean paste and heat for 3 minutes
  3. Add tamarind juice and chillies.  Taste and adjust. Heat for 3 minutes
  4. Add spring onion and turn off heat.  Serve

My cooking tour in Bangkok