Day 39 – Black sticky rice pudding

 Black sticky rice pudding

Click on image for a full size version
Click on image for a full size version
1 Cup Black sticky rice
3 Cup Water
1 Cup Coconut cream
2 Tab Rice Flour
2 Tab Water
1 Tsp Salt
1/2 Cup White sugar
1/4 Cup Very fresh, soft coconut meat
  1. Boil the rice and 3 cups of water together in a pot until the water is a deep red (nearly black). While this is happening….
  2. Combine 2 tab of water with rice flour in a small bowl. Put to one side
  3. Put coconut cream and salt in a pot on a low heat. Add the rice flour mix to the coconut cream little by little while stirring until the mix is the consistency of thickened cream
  4. Once the rice reaches the correct colour add the sugar to the rice and stir in. Prepare the rice for serving in individual bowls
  5. Put put a ‘dob’ of the coconut cream on the rice and serve

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