Day 48 – Out and about – ‘JJ’ Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market (JJ Market)

I incorrectly described this market to someone recently as Bangkok’s ‘Vic Market’.  I couldn’t have been anymore wrong.  This market is a thriving amalgamation of cool, food, tourists and locals all looking for something special that, if you have a lot of time to look, you will probably find.

The market is tucked away at the end of the tube line but is easy to get to and has plenty of options as far as stations are concerned.  I exited at Kamphaeng Phet station because I knew over the road there was a local food only market that I wanted to investigate (Or Tor Kor market which is an extremely clean market across the road but that’s for another post).  The market appears to, at first glance (and due to most of the stalls out side) to be full of rubbish but spend a little more time and you find quite the opposite.  The market is broken up into 6 sections; Antiques, Handicrafts & Souvenirs ; Clothing & Accessories; Eating & Drinking; Housewares & Decor; Pets; and Plants & Gardening.  in each of these sections there’s something cool to check out.  It’s crammed into little corridors so nearly impossible to photograph but if you’re only in Bangkok for a short time I would recommend checking this out (and don’t miss the market across the road).

Click on image to see the other images of this guy’s tricks

Then there is the cool clothing…..

Wink, Wink, nudge, nudge, say no more....
Wink, Wink, nudge, nudge, say no more….
Too cool for school. Designer flogging his wears.
In contrast you have someone who has spent a fortune on their stall in what is still just a flee market but you go along the shops and then you come across this oasis for sight and smell


I would love to spend a couple of weekends here going from stall to stall to stall and picking up little designer wears that are small runs made by people who care (not knockoff crap that they want to get rid of ASAP before the shape changes in the humidity).

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