Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Random Pics

I was up at 6am to go down the road and try to get some shots of the fishermen I had seen with big catches the day before.  Clearly they only work every other day because there wasn’t too much going on when I was down there today….  Here are the shots that I managed to get today…

Fishing the hard way

Out rigger with a 1 person powered motor.  Seems like a really hard way to earn a living.

Stone the crows

Crows waiting for the opportunity to get a free feed from the off cuts from today’s catch.

Job well done

Clearly you can get a feed as a fisherman 😉

Mother and child

This lady wanted me to take her photo.  I have given her the card for the website but the wide angle lens isn’t really the most appropriate from portrait .

Drive through tea

Drive through tea seller on the side of the road.

Public Transport

Busy public transport system

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