Sri Lanka

Colombo Sri Lanka

We’re not quite Surrey anymore… Looks like Surrey but for the truck on the wrong side of the road overtaking the Tuk Tuk on the wrong side of the road and the trees in the houses.

Lining up for the school uniform

Flower seller outside the Buddhist Temple on Galle Road, ColomboA_07631

Kite flying on Colombo ‘front beach’



Yep, it’s that green and it smells bad


These two came up to me and asked for a photo…


Colombo front beach, where lovers go….




Sri Lanka

Last day in Colombo

Last day in Colombo and I went looking for some tourist tatt… This lady appeared to be a beggar but insisted I take her photo (well at least that’s what I think she wanted). She has to be the best dressed beggar I have ever seen.
Beggar wanting a photo
Crossing the road in Colombo is a little bit of an art. This bloke had it down pat.
Look right and left and right again
While his mate waits for a bus
waiting for a bus in Colombo
This was an amazing temple, download the full res image, you can see all the ornate ceramics that makes up all the colour
amazing temple with ornate ceramics

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka second set of shots……


Our walk to work involved going down a great little road that had heaps of characters on it.  I’d love to have more time and us a bit of flash with a higher shutter speed.  These are the shots from the walk to work.

Coconut seller

This bloke had a few of his mates to the left ripping the piss out of him in English
Going for a wander

Great old lady just getting from A to B
Too old to complain
mother and child

Mother and child in the door way
take my photo :-)
This lady wanted her photo taken. She was very pleased to see her self on the back of the camera.
river front accommodation

The walk

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Random Pics

I was up at 6am to go down the road and try to get some shots of the fishermen I had seen with big catches the day before.  Clearly they only work every other day because there wasn’t too much going on when I was down there today….  Here are the shots that I managed to get today…

Fishing the hard way

Out rigger with a 1 person powered motor.  Seems like a really hard way to earn a living.

Stone the crows

Crows waiting for the opportunity to get a free feed from the off cuts from today’s catch.

Job well done

Clearly you can get a feed as a fisherman 😉

Mother and child

This lady wanted me to take her photo.  I have given her the card for the website but the wide angle lens isn’t really the most appropriate from portrait .

Drive through tea

Drive through tea seller on the side of the road.

Public Transport

Busy public transport system