Day 7 (Havana)

Even though the trip is at a leisurely pace the drive from Cienfuegos to Havana is a welcome opportunity to catch up on reading, have a sleep or just compare notes on how the opening up of the US borders is going to affect the tourist industry in Cuba. En route there are opportunities to stop, stretch your legs and buy drinks or snacks. The stop to see the Che Guevara mausoleum in Santa Clara is a great break and, with the DVD on his history in the coach before arriving, is interesting. Don’t try to go out the in-doors however as you will hear “Hola” and “tutt tutt’.


Che memorial/museum


Posing with the guard at Che memorial/museumA_07404A_07404 A_07399

Back in Havana for one more sprint around and take some photos…..


Bronze statue celebrating an old nutter (José María López Lledín) that used to prance around town  acting like he owns the place.  Rubbing his beard and finger are now supposed to bring good luck.  And for you, if you click on the picture you will get 10 years good luck 😉


Frederico Chopin killing time in Havana in Plaza San Francisco


Careful sending letters in Cuba, they make take your arm off!!


If you’re here for long enough you’ll need to learn Sala, there’s plenty of options for getting lessons (a bottle of rum at AUS$4 may be the cheapest)


Kicking back waiting for the tourists.  The locals wait for the tourists to arrive to sell them posters, hand drawn pictures of yourself, books or anything else you can put on a small upright stand.

A_07457 A_07455

Local options for getting food in Havana are limited and there are a few little shops selling what, in the West, would probably be considered high quality organic foods.  Refrigeration doesn’t appear to be up to western standards though.

A_07450 A_07441 A_07439 A_07436 A_07426 A_07458

A_07460 A_07469 A_07472  A_07478 A_07488 A_07493  A_07500 A_07504 A_07507 A_07437

A_07497 A_07492

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