Day 16 – Pomelo salad (old style)

Pomelo salad (old style)


I know I have made this before (here is the link) but this version is even more tasty and a little more complex.

1 Cup Pomelo
¾ Cup Coconut cream
½ Tab Pad Thai Chilli Paste (from Pad Thai)
2 Tab Pad Thai sauce (from Pad Thai)
3 Prawns (shelled and de-pooed)
50g Mince chicken
½ Tab Palm sugar
1 Tab Roast coconut
1 Tsp Deep fried shallots
1 Tsp Deep fried garlic
1 Tab Roasted peanuts
2 Tab Chicken stock
1 Tab Lime juice
  1. Off the heat combine chicken, chilli paste and coconut cream in a pot and stir until the chicken is broken up
  2. Place pot on a medium heat and stir. If mix starts to dry out add chicken stock
  3. Add 1 Tab of Pad Thai sauce and taste, add more if required
  4. If the pomelo is not too sweet you add the palm sugar, dissolve and taste, if the pomelo is very sweet you don’t have to add the palm sugar. I added ½ the palm sugar in mine this time. Keep on a low heat
  5. Boil prawns for 1 minute in stock until they are pink and put to one side
  6. Take the sauce off the heat when the oil starts to come to the top, taste and if too sweet add a little lime until the mix is to your liking
  7. Cool the sauce before putting in a bowl add pomelo, coconut meat, shallots and garlic. Combine carefully, add prawns, give it a little stir and serve. Use peanuts, coconut, some shallots and garlic to garnish

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