Day 33 – Non-cooking day

I still have to update the blog with the recipes.  I will get to this on Sunday.  James is in Bangkok and we decided to show some paper who’s boss..

Bangkok shooting range in one of the army barracks for 3000b ($100) you shoot 3 types of handgun,  .45mm, .9mm and a ’38’. Two clips in the 9mm & 45 and 15 rounds in the 38.  As James said ‘the quickest $100 you can blow in Bangkok’.  They did offer a M16 at 2000b ($65) but I think we had already illustrated to the paper that we shouldn’t be messed with.

One thought on “Day 33 – Non-cooking day”

  1. Only one pic? If the M16 was a fully auto one, would’ve been totally worth it, in the states you can only fire one bullet at a time (so it’s lamer than dad’s bolt action 22-250)!

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